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Spring Break Camps

Spring Break is a great time for climbing!  VIRG celebrates this happy fact by offering a variety of programs in Canada's premier indoor climbing facility.

With safety as the utmost concern, our experienced instructors will guide participants into an intensive and engaging climbing experience featuring group activities, games, and tons of climbing.     

Climbing provides a unique mixture of personal challenge and group camaraderie.  Combine these two elements with trust skills and the thrill of stepping out of the horizontal plane and you have a sport that is perfect for today's eager youths!

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Jr. Treefrogger Camp (Spring)
Vertically Inclined offers fun-filled 5 day Spring Break Camps for kids 5 to 9 years of age. These full-day sessions will see your young ones climbing, learning knots, playing games, crafts and more. Our instructors do all the managing of the ropes while your kids climb, climb, climb and have a whole lot of fun!

March 25 - 29, 2019
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Treefrogger Camp (Spring)
This is the classic VIRG Spring Break Camp program. Five fun-filled days learning about movement, belaying and excitement at Edmonton's Climbing Habitat!

March 25-29, 2019
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