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Registration for Rip & Grip Bouldering Competition Series', events and other competitions at Vertically Inclined.


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Summer Burn Competition 2017

It's here once again! Vertically Inclined's Summer Burn Aggregate Bouldering Comp gives climbers a chance to challenge themselves on a whole array of brand new problems.

Register here for a summer of bouldering fun, draw prizes and lots more! Compete for one month or for the whole summer.

Need a pass for the summer too? Purchase it with your Summer Burn scorecard. $5 from every 2 month scorecard purchase goes to TABVAR - volunteers refurbishing routes in the Bow Valley.

PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING WHEN REGISTERING ONLINE: Choose the option that you would like to purchase from the drop down menu on the right hand side. Options include: 2 Month Scorecard, July Scorecard, August Scorecard, 2 Month Scorecard AND Pass, 1 Month Scorecards AND Pass and additional TABVAR donation. Click on SEE DETAILS to choose from these options.